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Actors You May Not Have Realized Are Republican

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List RulesThe below actors must have shown public support for Republican candidates or conservative causes.

This list of conservative actors includes well known right-wingers as well as a few surprises. It includes photos & biographical info - and contains current and historic famous actors who are Republicans. What actors are Republicans? More than you might think, considering Hollywood's reputation for being liberal. Obvious Republican actors, like Clint Eastwood, are on this list, but there are also a few surprises– like Vince Vaughn and Adam Sandler. Republican actors are, of course, entitled to their own beliefs like anyone else, but many fans may be surprised that their favorite funny actors are also involved in politics.

This list of Republican actors in Hollywood are listed by which stars you might find most surprising. This list includes both right wing movie stars who have declared themselves to be full-fledged conservatives, as well as actors who have at one point publicly supported a Republican candidate or candidates. All conservative movie stars and actors who have donated to the Republican party are also included here.

If you've ever wondered about the political views of Kevin James, Kurt Russell, or Adam Sandler, than you might want to check out this list. Some of these Republican actors and actresses might be some of your favorite stars!

For a full list of all Republican celebrities, including singers, writers, and TV personalities, see this list of Republican celebrities, and for a full list of all Hollywood conservatives, see Conservatives in Hollywood.

  • Adam Sandler

    Grown Ups 2, Grown Ups

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  • Vince Vaughn

    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Wedding Crashers

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  • Kurt Russell

    The Thing, Stargate

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  • Jessica Simpson

    Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, The Master of Disguise

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  • Heather Locklear

    Dynasty, T.J. Hooker

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  • Patricia Heaton

    Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle

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  • Laura Prepon

    That '70s Show, Orange Is the New Black

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  • Dean Cain

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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  • Tom Selleck

    Magnum, P.I.

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  • Rip Torn

    Men in Black, Men in Black II

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  • Joe Pesci

    Goodfellas, Home Alone

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  • Joan Rivers

    Fashion Police, The Joan Rivers Show

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  • Jane Russell

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Fate Is the Hunter

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  • Scott Baio

    Charles in Charge, Happy Days

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  • Margaret Hamilton

    The Wizard of Oz, The Ox-Bow Incident

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  • Angie Harmon

    Rizzoli & Isles, Fun with Dick and Jane

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  • Freddie Prinze

    Chico and the Man, The Million Dollar Rip-Off

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  • Cheryl Ladd

    Charlie's Angels, Millennium

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  • George Hamilton

    The Godfather Part III, Bulworth

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  • Sela Ward

    The Fugitive, Gone Girl

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  • Jaclyn Smith

    Charlie's Angels, The Bourne Identity

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  • Chuck Norris

    The Way of the Dragon, Missing in Action

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  • Jon Voight

    Mission: Impossible, Heat

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  • Chelsea Noble

    Growing Pains, Left Behind: The Movie

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  • Andy García

    The Untouchables, Ocean's Eleven

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