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Actors’ And Actresses’ Signature On-Screen Moves

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Becoming a movie star is a strange, mysterious process, achieved through equal parts talent, luck, and hard work. So, when an actor discovers success in their careers, it's not too surprising that they often do whatever they can to replicate that success. Sometimes, that means integrating particular quirks into their performances, and other times, that means adding entire scenes that allow them to showcase their particular talents.

Whether it's Tom Cruise running through New York City, and then Dubai, and then Moscow, and then Rome, and then every other city in every movie for the rest of his career, or it's Brad Pitt stuffing his face with ice cream and French fries and sandwiches to give his character a vulnerable relatability film after film, it's surprising how many stars have recurring quirks and habits that pop up so frequently they become their trademark. Here's a look at some actors' signature moves that they seem to repeat in a truly surprising number of movies.