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The Absolute Worst Actors-Turned-Directors

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List RulesFamous actors who decided to take a turn in the director's chair, with less than stellar results. Upvote the worst of the worst, based on their directorial body of work.

Who's the worst actor turned director? And why can't actors just stick to acting in the first place? Well, famous people are like Bond villains. They live on islands. They probably own cars with their initials detailed into the steering wheel, and it's clear nothing is ever good enough for them. If they’re playing sports, they want to be in a band, if they’re in a band they want to be fashion designers, and if they’re actors they want to be directing. This list deals specifically with that last group of FPs (famous people): actors. Specifically, Hollywood actors who took a chance (or multiple chances) got behind the camera and stunk up the joint with their lousy movie.

From the moment an actor gets on set, they’re told where to go and what to do. As Alfred Hitchcock said, “they should be treated like cattle.” So it’s no surprise that some of the cattle would like a chance to tell people what to do instead. Plus, it looks way cool to hang out behind a chair all day wearing one of those cool little director hats. The actors on this list obviously aspired to be something greater than just a guy (or gal!) on a movie screen, unfortunately their movies were garbage and now we’re making fun of their hard work. Take that, you Hollywood bums!

Start voting now to determine who the worst of these famous actors who directed movies are, and if you disagree with us, we’ll personally make you watch all of the films on this list as punishment.
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