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Actors Who Almost Quit Acting Right Before Landing Their Big Role

9 Jun 2020 3.6k votes 763 voters 97.4k views13 items

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These actors have one thing in common - their big break came just in time. Jon Hamm was 36 years old when he finally landed the role of Don Draper in Mad Men. Claire Danes had worked steadily as a young actress, but as she approached 30, prominent roles suddenly dried up. She pondered a career in interior design before landing Homeland at 32.

Other famous actors who wanted to call it quits were either tired of the constant rejection or simply tired of being typecast. Some even wondered how long was too long to wait before the Hollywood dream became an unobtainable delusion, instead of a possible reality. Discover which actors were ready to leave show business and the roles that ultimately saved their careers. 

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