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Male Actors Who Are Definitely Taking Off Their Shirt In Movies

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There is one ironclad rule of Hollywood cinema: If your leading man has insane abs, you absolutely must show them off. However, there are some men who do it more than others and have become known as the great shirtless actors of cinema.

These stars aren't afraid to pop off their tops during a romantic moment, a shirt-ripping fight sequence, or even for just a bit of eye candy. Many are all but guaranteed to take off their shirts in whatever movie they're in. For some, it's an opportunity to showcase the results of all their hard work in the gym. For others, their shirtlessness is played up for laughs. There are also those rare few who integrate their disrobing into their ab-tastic characters so thoroughly it becomes part of the narrative.

Whether it's to play a bare-chested medieval fantasy warrior, a flawlessly toned American psycho, a dance-trained male stripper, or a charming yet mischievous surfer dude, there are a few Hollywood A-listers who seem downright allergic to T-shirts. 

  • Photo: Thor: Ragnarok / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Avg. Shirtless Time Per Movie: 4 min.

    Hemsworth's shirtlessness is often used sparingly, more as a seasoning than a main ingredient.

    Number Of Movies In Which He Goes Shirtless (Estimated): 8

    Signature Shirtless Scene: In Thor: Ragnarok, after getting absolutely savaged in a gladiatorial fight against the Hulk, Hemsworth's god of thunder wakes up shirtless and dazed.

    It's the best view audiences get of Hemsworth's abs, and one that quickly became the standard by which his (and other MCU) shirtless scenes are judged.

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    • Photo: The Wolverine / 20th Century Fox

      Avg. Shirtless Time Per Movie: 9 min.

      Many of Jackman's shirtless moments occur during fight scenes, which can be lengthy, depending on the movie.

      Number Of Movies In Which He Goes Shirtless (Estimated): 17

      Signature Shirtless Scene: For as long as Jackman's played the savage X-Men hero Wolverine, he's always been ripped and had no problem showing it off. However, he kicked things to another level in 2013's The Wolverine, where he got into competitive bodybuilder shape for the character's bloody romp through Japan.

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      • Photo: Baywatch / Paramount Pictures

        Avg. Shirtless Time Per Movie: 18 min.

        Efron's average increased dramatically after the first few years of his career when he moved into more dramatic roles and raunchy comedies.

        Number Of Movies In Which He Goes Shirtless (Estimated): 13

        Signature Shirtless Scene: In Baywatch, Efron's shirtlessness is essentially its own storyline. The pinnacle of his bare-chested performance in the action-comedy comes when he successfully completes a Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course, including a salmon ladder and dangling rings that he soars through like a pro.

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        • Photo: Magic Mike / Warner Bros. Pictures

          Avg. Shirtless Time Per Movie: 13 min.

          Early in his career, Tatum appeared in films that essentially cast him to play just a super-handsome shirtless guy - which pushes his average up significantly. The man is definitely comfortable in his own skin.

          Number Of Movies In Which He Goes Shirtless (Estimated):16

          Signature Shirtless Scene: Tatum has never been one to hide his body, but his work as a male stripper in Magic Mike will always be his legacy. The scene when he and his fellow strippers perform a number at the Xquisite Strip Club set to a dubstep version of "It's Raining Men" is a shirtless symphony.

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