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12 Actors Who Completely Reinvented Themselves Across Their Career

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In nearly every aspect of life, change is necessary in order to make progress and survive. These actors who reinvented themselves prove that even A-list stars need to change in order to maintain a successful and long career in the tumultuous land known as Tinseltown. 

Johnny Depp started his big-screen career as a bad boy starring in offbeat quirky Tim Burton movies. But "bad boy actor" doesn’t look the same at 40 as it does at 20. Depp signed with Disney to make a blockbuster called Pirates of the Caribbean, and it opened up a whole new fantastical world for the actor. 

Liam Neeson, Drew Barrymore, and Jason Bateman also experienced a tremendous amount of career change throughout their storied careers. But which actors did the best job reinventing themselves? Vote up the Hollywood career paths you think have been the most successful.