Famous People Who Gained Weight

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Famous people who gained significant weight for at least a period of time

Just like many non-famous people, celebs struggle with their weight. The primary difference is that celebrities are judged for their weight on a worldwide stage. This is a list of actors who gained seemingly significant weight over the years and were criticized for the change. Some of those who were once considered the hottest A-list actors in Hollywood transformed into what many believed - based on persistent notions of attractiveness - to be degraded forms of their original selves.

Some of these celebrities who gained weight have struggled with their appearance for years. Celebs like Kirstie Alley, Matthew Perry, and Christina Aguilera have undergone multiple periods of weight fluctuation based on a variety of factors. Even some top action stars - such as Val Kilmer, Steven Seagal, and the late, great Marlon Brando - eventually accumulated pounds, despite their initially muscled physiques. Unfortunately for many of these celebrities, work is much harder to come by once their slim or muscled bodies change. This is especially true for women - overweight male celebrities often experience a bit more grace.

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