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Actors Who Have Directed Films

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Several famous actors and actresses have directed films and many of their films have even gone on to win Academy Awards. A few actors appear in nearly every film that they direct, while others focus their attention solely on directing when they're behind the camera. This list of actors who have directed films is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. 

Who is the most famous actor turned director? Clint Eastwood tops our list. Eastwood has directed such films as Mystic River, Invictus, and Flags of Our Fathers. He is a two-time Oscar-winning director for his films Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven, and he starred in both of them as well.

Ben Affleck has become an accomplished director leading the way on films such as Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo, which won Best Picture of the Year at the Academy Awards in 2012.

Are you surprised that so many actors have sat in the director's chair? Check out this list of The Best Directorial Debuts of Famous Actors.

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