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Actors Who Played Satan, Ranked By How Much The Devil Would Approve

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Satan. Lucifer. The Evil One. Mephistopheles. The Prince of Darkness. Old Scratch. Whatever you call him, historians claim that Satan has preoccupied humanity since roughly 2000 BCE.

The eternal nemesis of all that is right and good, the Devil has been the key figure in countless poems, plays, and novels throughout history and is equally prominent in modern cinema. Actors who have played the Devil include some of the most revered of all time, though their portrayals of Satan on film are as different as the many names and incarnations of the Beast himself. 

  • In many movie appearances, the Devil is depicted in the midst of one of his many plots to corrupt humanity and rule the Earth. In Constantine, Peter Stormare's creepy casually Lucifer only wants one thing: exorcist John Constantine's (Keanu Reeves) immortal soul.

    Resurrected after a suicide attempt in his teens, John believes he can "buy" his way into heaven if he uses his abilities to wage war against the demons that attempt to influence humanity before the cancer in his lungs kills him a second time.

    In order to stop an even worse fate from befalling the Earth, John commits suicide a second time to warn Lucifer about those conspiring against him. To reward John, Lucifer grants him one favor. Rather than use the favor to save himself, he uses it selflessly, which grants him admission into heaven. Furious, Lucifer heals John and cures him of cancer so that he will live long enough to earn his place in Hell once again, proving the adage "the Devil is patient."

    Critics were quick to damn the film, while others, like Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, said it still managed to "scare up some devilish fun."



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  • The long-running TV series Supernatural changed the established origin of the Devil in several ways, including having Lucifer initially battle alongside Heaven's archangels against the Darkness, an evil older than God. Rather than destroy the evil, God locked it away with a mark that he gave to Lucifer, and it was the Darkness that corrupted Lucifer and caused him to argue with God and be cast out of Heaven.

    The version of the character Mark Pellegrino portrays appears in Season 5 of the series, when Lucifer inhabits a depressed widower named Nick. Pellegrino's Devil claims he is the victim of God's capricious nature and not evil incarnate as he is portrayed. His essence proves to be too powerful for Nick's human body, however, and it degrades and he eventually dies. Six seasons later, demons reconstitute and reinforce Nick's body to use as a permanent vessel for Lucifer.

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    Tom Ellis, 'Lucifer' (2016- )

    Instead of a relentless force of evil perpetually scheming to take over the Earth and topple God from Heaven, Tom Ellis's version of the Devil on the Fox TV series Lucifer is more of a bored absentee CEO slumming with humans for some different sort of thrills.

    Based on the popular comic book, Ellis's Lucifer Morningstar abdicated his throne in Hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles called "Lux." He becomes infatuated with an LAPD detective (Lauren German) when he discovers his powers of persuasion don't work on her. Ellis's Devil typically presents as a very suave, good-looking human with a witty sense of humor, but his true demonic nature comes out every so often.


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  • One of the biggest "misses" in the careers of both director Ridley Scott and actor Tom Cruise, Legend is a dark fantasy world populated with fairies, elves, unicorns and the Devil in the form of Tim Curry's Darkness. For many, Curry's Darkness, with the classic red-skin-horns-and-hooves-Devil look taken to the extreme, is the highlight of a movie filled with a plethora of plot problems and silly dialogue.

    In full world conqueror mode, Darkness attempts to snuff out the very Power of Light itself by killing the magical unicorns that protect it and by corrupting the gentle Princess Lily (Mia Sara). His goblin underlings fail to kill the unicorns and the forest hero Jack (Tom Cruise) defeats the mighty Darkness with reflected sunlight, but he pops up again before the credits to tease a sequel that will never be.


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