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The Best Actors Who Played Hercules, Ranked

13 Feb 2020 359 votes 55 voters 1.0k views18 items

It takes big shoes to fill the role of Hercules, but the best actors to ever play Hercules were definitely up to the task. Whether that’s by showcasing their acting chops, displaying their bulging pecs, or both, the best Hercules actors have done the mythological Greek hero justice.

As one of the biggest heroes from ancient Greece, Hercules is the son of Zeus and a mortal. From the 12 Labours to numerous side adventures, there are plenty of stories for modern writers and directors to pull from to make the Greek god relevant in today's world. And of course, such an epic character requires epic actors to portray him. All of the best actors who played Hercules have been collected here for you to rank. 

Ever wondered which actor was the first Hercules? That distinction goes to Tiny Sandford who played the character in the 1933 film The Warrior's Husband. This Pre-Code film actually goes against popular mythos because Hercules is portrayed as a coward. However, there have been plenty of reputable actors who have taken on the Hercules mantle over the years, including Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Sorbo, Tate Donovan, and Ryan Gosling. 

The best Hercules actors are here to duke it out. So vote up all the actors who you thought did Herc justice.