The Best Actors Who Played Historical Royals On Film & Television

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Who are the best actors who have played royals? One tried-and-true pathway to success for actors in Hollywood is by playing a royal, since many actors who played royals have received critical acclaim and accolades for their performances. For example, several actresses who have played royalty - including Olivia Colman, Helen Mirren, and Judi Dench - have won Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys. Likewise, some of the best royals actors - like Colin Firth, among others - have earned award recognition for their work.

Each actor approaches his or her royal role differently. Some actors who have played kings, and actresses who have played queens, use their prep time to undertake extensive historical research, while others evaluate historical figures just like any other character. But all have the challenge of portraying historical figures in a unique way, since many royals have been played by several different actors over the years.

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