Every Actor Who Played The Hulk, Ranked

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Ever wish you could turn into a giant green destroying machine whenever you got mad? For Bruce Banner, it's a blessing and a curse. As Marvel's version of Jekyll and Hyde, Bruce Banner and the Hulk are two sides of the same coin. Though both characters are the same person (technically speaking), their personalities couldn't be more different. For starters, Bruce Banner is a super smart scientist who always tries to solve problems using his brain, while Hulk, well, he just likes to smash stuff.

It comes as no surprise to see how Bruce Banner and the Hulk are often played by two different actors. Whether they're smashing around the screen as Lou Ferrigno in live-action series The Incredible Hulk or playing tortured scientists like Edward Norton, Eric Bana, and Mark Ruffalo, there's no denying that the Hulk has a certain charm. Which version is your favorite?

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