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The Best Actors Who Played Jor-El

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We’re ranking the best Jor-El actors of all time. As Superman’s father, Jor-El is often depicted as being stoic, poised, and highly intelligent. Foreseeing his home planet’s fate, Jor-El and his wife, Lara, sent their infant son into space shortly before planet Krypton was destroyed.

Many different actors have stepped up to the role of Jor-El over the years, including Nelson Leigh in 1948’s Superman serials, Marlon Brando in 1977’s Superman, and Russell Crowe in 2013’s Man of Steel, where Jor-El had an epic battle with the evil General Zod.

Jor-El has also made his way to the small screen, appearing in a number of live-action TV shows in cartoons. In Lois & Clark, Jor-El is played by David Warner, and in the CW’s Smallville, Jor-El is played by Julian Sands. Which actor do you prefer?

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