Every Actor Who Has Played King Arthur, Ranked

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As one of the greatest literary leaders of all time, King Arthur’s exploits are legendary. With the wise and powerful Merlin and his trusted Knights of the Round Table by his side, Arthur was able to save Briton from the Saxons and create a far-reaching empire. Find out who has played King Arthur in the list below.

The Arthurian legend is among the most well-known and beloved in history, and it comes as no surprise to see so many actors donning Excalibur and taking on the iconic role of Arthur Pendragon. Which King Arthur actor is your favorite? Whether you prefer Nigel Terry’s stoic role in the 1981 epic Excalibur or Bradley James' take in the BBC show Merlin, you certainly have good options for the best King Arthur actors.

Charlie Hunnam is another one of the actors who played King Arthur. He starred in 2017's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. But was the Guy Ritchie-dirteced film one of the best King Arthur movies? Many think not. What's your opinion? Another of the best King Arthur actors is Graham Chapman, who played a funnier take on King Arthur in the 1975 comedy spoof Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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