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The Best Actresses Who Played Maid Marian

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Join us as we rank the best Maid Marian actresses of all time. While her background and royal status tend to differ with each new iteration, Maid Marian is always cast as being strong-willed and resourceful. As Robin Hood’s main squeeze, Marian often rallies against her royal status to help empower the folk of Nottingham.

In The Adventures of Robin Hood, Maid Marian (played by Olivia de Havilland) was portrayed as being highly capable yet ever loyal to Robin’s cause - even in times of stress. In Robin and Marian, Audrey Hepburn played an older, wiser Maid Marian who had left Nottingham to become an abbess, and in the Mel Brooks comedy classic Robin Rood: Men in Tights, Amy Yasbeck played a helpless Maid Marian who is waiting for her prince charming. Which of the actors who played Maid Marian is your favorite?

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