Actors Who Played Multiple Roles in the Same Film

Several famous actors and actresses have played different characters in the same movie. Sometimes actors play characters who are related to each other - or are even identical twins - while other times they play characters that look alike for other reasons. This list of actors who played multiple roles in the same film is loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

Who is the most famous actor who has played multiple characters in the same film? Scarlett Johannson tops our list. Johansson played Jordan Two Delta and Sarah Jordan in The Island (2005). Her co-star Ewan McGregor also played two roles in the film, Lincoln Six Echo and Tom Lincoln.

Comedic actors regularly play multiple roles in their films. Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Mike Meyers have all played more than one character in films they have been in.

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Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License