People Who Played Siblings, But Were Dating in Real Life

It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. Chemistry is a good thing! It's makes our favorite television and movie romances come alive. But what if two actors are playing brother and sister on screen? You'd think the fake family ties would make things weird in the real world. Well, apparently not. Just ask these couples who played siblings, but were dating in real life.

You have to admit there's a little bit of an "ick factor" when it comes to couples who played brother and sister in front of the camera. Although I guess it's better than if real-life siblings played on-screen lovers. Ew. Still, somehow these celebrity couples who played siblings have worked through any issues, at least when it comes to getting their work done.

Their personal lives are another matter. While playing brother and sister on screen might have worked for some couples like Lauren Graham and Peter Krause, it didn't work out so well for others. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were married when they played figure skating brother and sister in Blades of Glory, but are no longer together. And Dexter might have brought Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter together, but they broke up while the show was still filming. Uh... awkward.

So put your ick-factor aside and take a look at this list of people who played siblings, but were dating in real life. And just keep in mind that it's only acting! 

Photo: Showtime