The Best Actors Who Played The Flash

We're ranking the best Flash actors of all time. As one of the longest-running superheroes in history, the Flash is easily one of the most recognizable characters in the entire DC franchise. And While Superman may be more powerful than a locomotive, the Flash has the power of super speed. That means he’s able to move, think, and act faster than the speed of light.

There have been a handful of different Flash characters over the years. From voice actor Jack Angel’s classic role in Super Friends to Grant Gustin’s career-defining take in Arrow, and, subsequently, his own spinoff show, the Scarlet Speedster has many different faces. And let's not forget John Wesley Shipp’s muscle-bound rendition in The Flash. More recently, Kyle Gallner played the Flash in Smallville, and Ezra Miller took over Barry Allen duties in Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League

Who do you think the best Flash actor is? Vote up your favorite Flash actor, and vote down the ones you didn’t like.