Actors Who Played the Same Character at Different Ages

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When movie timelines span decades and lifetimes, it's crucial for casting directors to pick actors and actresses that look the same. Otherwise, they wouldn't be believable as "younger" and "older" versions of the same person. Sometimes the casting is perfect, and sometimes, well... not so much. Just take a look at this list of actors who played the same character at different ages.

Sometimes the casting is a no brainer - like actors have younger siblings who totally look like them. For example, Jamie-Lynn Spears played her big sister Britney's "young version" in Crossroads, and Elle Fanning played Dakota's "younger version" in I Am Sam

But it's not just about nailing the look - it's also about perfecting the mannerisms of the actor you're portraying. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis were actors in the same role at different ages in the movie Looper. As Gordon-Levitt explained during the press tour for the movie, he took a careful study of Willis to ensure that audiences felt as if they were actually the same person. River Phoenix actually made it a point to study Harrison Ford (the person) instead of Indiana Jones (the character) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Perfect casting or not believable at all? It's time for you to judge. Vote up the younger and older versions who look the most alike!

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