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12 Actors Who Played The Exact Same Character In Totally Different Films

March 5, 2021 25.5k views12 items

It does not happen often, but sometimes, an actor plays the exact same character in totally different movies. These films do not include sequels, prequels, spinoffs, or remakes. They are totally different films.

Some of cinema’s most acclaimed thespians have played the same character twice, but not necessarily the same "roles." For example, Dame Judi Dench played Queen Victoria in two completely different movies. However, the films were made 20 years apart and told the story of Her Majesty at two totally different stages of her life. 

Find out which knighted actor played Napoleon Bonaparte twice. Which Old Hollywood star took on famed Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp two times? How did Jesse and Celine from the Before trilogy wind up in an animated movie?