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Actors Who Played Themselves In Film And Television

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Every once in a while, an actor’s career will lead them to look deep inside themselves in order to bring something unique to their role – especially if that role is based on the actor themselves. On this list we’re looking at actors who played themselves either in a film or on television. Some of these actors portrayed themselves in a fairly accurate light, but most of the folks on this list chose to go over the top, either to make themselves seem like crazy people or like someone who knows their way around a fireman’s axe. If you have a hard time deciphering reality from fantasy, just take a look at this list of actors starring as themselves.

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and goof around at work, which is exactly what a lot of the actors who played themselves are doing in the films on this list. For the most part everyone seems to be hamming it up, but there are a few actors who tried their best to bring all the gravitas they could muster to the role of themselves (there really should be a better way to say that). Whether they’re playing themselves as pilots, or ecstasy swallowing crazy people, these actors really got into character when they portrayed themselves.

Check out these actors who tackled the hardest role of their lives: themselves, and leave a comment about who you think is most like themselves on the screen or who didn’t even realize that the cameras were rolling.

  • Ben Affleck And Matt Damon: 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'
    Photo: Miramax Films
    The golden boys of Good Will Hunting popped up in Kevin Smith's big budget buddy film to parody themselves as whiny stars who were cashing in on their award winning film. How do you like them apples?
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  • Bill Murray: 'Zombieland'
    Photo: Columbia Pictures
    Bill Murray's cameo in this zombie comedy (zomedy?) was the worst kept secret in film history. His five or six minutes on screen actually serves to make Jesse Eisenberg palatable.
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  • Bob Saget: 'Entourage'
    Photo: HBO
    Bob Saget's many Entourage appearances have led audiences to believe that he's an insecure, sex addicted monster who couldn't keep a relationship together if you paid him to. That's probably not true. After all, would a guy like that be appearing on Netflix's Fuller House?
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  • Carl Weathers: 'Arrested Development'
    Photo: Fox
    Carl Weathers's turn as a swindling version of himself might be the best thing that he's ever done. Sure, he was great in Predator, but did his character in that film teach you to make a stew? No. Hopefully Weathers is similar to his character on Arrested Development, but you know, not so sad.
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