13 Actors Who Refused To Return For Sequels - And How The Movies Handled It

Chances are, if a movie gets a sequel, the original was a financial success. Even still, these actors who didn't return for sequels passed on steady work and perhaps even the opportunity to be a part of a franchise

Some of these actors passed on sequels because the money wasn't right. Others skipped the recurring role because they didn’t think the script was good enough. Or, perhaps they didn’t like the new direction their character was headed. What happens when an actor decides not to return for a sequel? Different movies handle it in different ways. Sometimes - like in the case of Back to the Future II - filmmakers get so "creative" that it leads to a lawsuit.

How did Back to the Future II producers go about replacing Crispin Glover, and how much did it wind up costing them in the long run? Why did Marlon Brando refuse Francis Ford Coppola’s offer to appear in the Godfather sequel? What exactly did Megan Fox say to get herself fired from Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

Read about those stories and more in the roundup below.