10 Actors Who Actually Requested To Have Their Characters Written Out Of Popular Franchises

The death of a beloved character in a television show or film franchise can be a jarring blow for fans, but is often especially difficult for the actor. The loss of a steady gig when a character is written out can be devastating, and more often than not, it's a completely unwanted situation. Sometimes, however, that's not the case - there are instances of characters that died when actors wanted out, and this goes for characters killed off in movie franchises and characters killed off TV shows. 

As their careers go on, actors outgrow roles and need to move on to new opportunities. To accomplish this, it's not unheard of for actors to request their character be killed off to provide a way out. It may seem weird, but this process has happened with some of the most beloved characters in massive TV shows and film franchises. Killing a character accomplishes a number of things for an actor - it gives her a way out, and preserves her legacy, so no one else can step into the role and alter it or threaten to undermine the reputation of the franchise, show, character, or originating actor. (Sometimes, of course, actors decide later that they want back in.)

This list explores some of the most notable cases of actors who requested characters be killed. In at least one case, the request wasn't met, and the actor had to soldier on. 

Photo: 20th Century Fox