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Parents And Their Kids Who Appeared In The Same Movie (As Unrelated Characters)

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Since the earliest days of filmmaking, actors and actresses have appeared alongside their children in various projects, and there are tons of examples of famous families in movies. In the vast majority of these instances, the child appears as either a younger version of the parent or as the kid to their parent in the story - which makes a lot of sense, since they often actually look like each other. 

Famous family castings aren't limited to parent/child roles, though. There are a few times when those combos play characters who are completely unrelated on screen. It's rare, but it does happen every once in a while, especially when the famous "child" is an adult. Check out these examples of parents and their kids playing unrelated characters on screen, and see if there are any you didn't catch the first time you watched them.

  • Hot Shots! Part Deux parodies everything there is to parody about over-the-top war movies, and it even pays homage to one of the greatest of all time, Apocalypse Now. In a scene where Charlie Sheen's Topper Harley is heading down a river, he passes another ship carrying a soldier, and as the two men meet eyes, they point at one another and say, "I loved you in Wall Street," in a reference to the movie Wall Street, in which they had starred together as father as son.

    Charlie and Martin also starred together in the 1990 film Cadence. In this film, Charlie plays Franklin Bean, a soldier who finds himself stuck in the stockades in West Germany, and Martin plays the man in charge, Master Sergeant Otis McKinney. They weren't the only members of the family to make it into this film, though. Charlie's brother Ramon Estevez plays Corporal Gerald Gessner, as well.

  • Paper Moon features the father-daughter screen combo of Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, but despite playing a father figure in the film, the two characters are not technically related. The movie was a massive success, and Tatum's performance as Addie Loggins opposite her father's Moses "Moze" Pray earned her the distinction of being the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award.

    Sadly, the success of his daughter wasn't met with pride so much as it was with jealousy. As Tatum grew older and her father's struggle with substances worsened, the pair's relationship soured, and they became estranged. When Tatum showed up to Farah Fawcett's funeral, Ryan admitted he didn't recognize his own daughter, and even flirted with her a bit when she walked up to him and embraced him in a hug.

  • The first time Hayley Mills was seen on film, it was as an infant in her father's film So Well Remembered, but seeing as all she had to do was lay there, it wasn't much of an acting gig. Nearly 14 years later, she had another opportunity to work with her father in the film Tiger Bay.

    The movie stars John Mills as a police superintendent investigating a homicide. He comes across a street urchin, played by his daughter, who witnessed the ordeal. Hayley would go on to star in a number of stellar roles in films including Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, and Whistle Down the Wind.

  • 'Tucker: The Man and His Dream' & 'Blown Away' - Lloyd Bridges & Jeff Bridges
    Photo: MGM

    Jeff Bridges has said he learned the joy of acting from his father, Lloyd Bridges. Both men have been in a ton of films over the years, but there were only two to feature them in unrelated roles. In Tucker: The Man and his Dream, Jeff Bridges played Preston Tucker while his father played Senator Homer Ferguson in an uncredited role.

    The second movie to feature the duo was 1994's Blown Away, which cast Jeff Bridges as Jimmy Dove/Liam McGivney and his father as Max O'Bannon, his mentor in the picture. Originally, Richard Harris was set to play the role of mentor, but the producers preferred Lloyd Bridges for the role. This wasn't done because he was the star's father, either; they wanted to cast someone who had a comedic background, and Lloyd just happened to fit the bill.