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WWII World Leaders And The Actors Who Should Play Them In A Movie

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There are few historical eras with as many movies about them as WWII. It was one of the bloodiest events in human history, and storytellers have been exploring this period since before the conflict was even over. Countless actors have stepped into the shoes of the Allied and Axis leaders, with some performances being more memorable than others. Even still, there are some actors living today who would be perfectly cast in a new WWII film.

If budgets and schedules weren't a factor, what would a dream casting of the most influential WWII leaders look like? There are tons of talented actors who could play the parts, but only a few who could truly embody the personalities of Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. All of these actors are alive today, so we can fantasize that they might actually come together to make the greatest WWII film of all time.