Fans Are Pointing Out Actors They Thought Would've Had A Bigger Career

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Sometimes actors can have all the talent in the world, but for some reason, they just don't quite make it as far as they should've been able to. Other times, actors did get their big break, but their star power faded quickly and they haven't been able to get it back since. 

Either way, with all the actors hopeful for stardom out there - there are bound to be a few that slipped through the cracks, and fans have collected a few of the ones they thought would've (or should've) had a bigger career than they have/had. Vote up the ones you agree with!


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    Timothy Olyphant
    Photo: Netflix

    From Redditor u/Genericcatchyhandle:

    Complete charm machine. How is he not the quintessential cowboy? He killed it as Raylon Givens in Justified

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    Bryan Cranston
    Photo: AMC

    From Redditor u/mrmonster459:

    Most people just assumed that after Breaking Bad he'd be an A-list actor, but he never took off. 

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    Matthew Lillard
    Photo: Scooby-Doo / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From former Redditor u/[deleted]:

    I always felt like Matthew Lillard should have had a bigger career, he was really charismatic and memorable in most of his roles, even the sillier ones like Shaggy. Really underutilized as a character actor in my opinion. 

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    Edward Norton
    Photo: Fight Club / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/johnydarko:

    He was on a super powered trajectory early in his career but he basically just... disappeared. He began popping up now and again later, but his career really flatlined, got nowhere as big as he should've been. He went from a household name at the beginning of the century to a "who?" now. 

    He definitely should've been up there with DiCaprio or Pitt given his early career and amazing performances in massive hits like Fight Club and American History X

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    Val Kilmer
    Photo: Batman Forever / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/TheSonsofBatman:

    He was on the rise and then dropped. He was lining up to be the next Marlon Brando. 

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    Jon Hamm
    Photo: Mad Men / Lionsgate Television

    From Redditor u/ColtCallahan:

    He would've been huge in the 1940s. Unfortunately he was discovered too late. He was already 36 when he did Mad Men & that tied him up into his '40s. 

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