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12 Actors Who Spoiled Their Own Character's Death

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You know what sucks? Watching a movie or TV show when you already know a major plot point that was supposed to be a secret. You can blame a fair number of day-ruining reveals on actors who spoiled their character deaths, but then, can you really blame the actor? Between talk shows, press tours, and social media, it's a shock any movie or show manages to keep a lid on spoilers. Especially when every interviewer and question seem intent on peeling away any and all mystery that an upcoming release may hold. Perhaps the real surprise is that there aren't more actors who ruined their character's death.

On top of the press blitzes, you've got the Sherlock Holmes-level of sleuthing that occurs online to analyze the slightest of details in interviews, trailers, publicity stills, and set photos no one was supposed to see before a movie came out. To be fair, most actors who spoil death scenes aren't doing so by revealing clues some obsessive blogger decodes; they just kind of spill the beans without really being prompted. But it's gotta be tiring to do multiple interviews every day for weeks or months, while traveling around the world. Something's bound to slip out at some point. Actors who spoiled their deaths need empathy more than ire. 

  • Sonequa Martin-Green Spoiled Sasha's Season Finale Fate
    Photo: AMC

    An indirect spoiling, but a big one nonetheless. Sonequa Martin-Green's character Sasha was a major player on The Walking Dead. Prior to the Season 7 finale, many were rushing to figure out who would be the next major victim of the fatal series. That mystery was quickly answered when Green was cast in CBS's Star Trek: Discovery. Naturally, fans were quick to piece information together. When Sasha's sudden death finally arrived in the Season 7 finale, after the character had spent 5 seasons rising through the ranks, it wasn't met with the shock AMC may have been hoping for.

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  • Finn Jones Spoiled Loras Tyrell's Fiery Finish
    Photo: HBO

    Before Season 6 began, Finn Jones, a Game of Thrones cast member since Season 1, revealed he would be playing the titular character of Netflix's Iron Fist. The casting news made it clear ol' Loras Tyrell wouldn't make it past the Season 6 finale, since playing the lead in a Marvel show is a tremendous commitment, given the appearances it requires in related Marvel shows. Poor guy got roasted by Cersei, then by critics for his performance in Iron Fist

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  • Samuel L. Jackson Spoiled Mace Windu's Electric Exit
    Photo: LucasFilm

    Samuel L Jackson is one of the most successful actors of all time. Between the Marvel franchise and the Star Wars prequels, the man rakes in dough. When Jackson was asked, prior to Episode III's release, what fate awaited his character, he replied "Dying!" before adding that he made George Lucas promise his character wouldn't go out "like some bitch." Never change, Sam, never change.

    In Jackson's defense, he didn't see his reveal as a spoiler. As Jackson explained, “Well, when number four starts there are only, what, four Jedi left. There’s Luke, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Darth Vader, is it? Everybody else has been assassinated, killed, wiped out, something."

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  • Wagner Moura Spoiled Pablo Escobar's Death
    Video: YouTube

    Netlflix docu-drama Narcos was heading into its much anticipated second season when Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar on the show, let slip that the season would feature the death of the infamous drug kingpin. While many claim you can't spoil real life, since all you need to do is head over to Wikipedia to learn about the death of Escobar, some fans felt differently. As Moura says in the above interview, "If you go to Google, you can see what happened to Pablo."

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