Total Nerd Seeing The Voice Behind Your Favorite Nickelodeon Character Will Completely Change How You See Them  

Mick Jacobs

Ever wondered who exactly provided the voices to your favorite cartoon characters? Well now, thanks to this handy video, you can see the remarkable actors whose voices take you straight back to watching after school specials in your childhood home.

You always knew that behind the colorfully animated characters was some actor or actress contorting their faces at a microphone. But you probably never pictured what they might look like.

After all, it can be hard to imagine the voices of Tommy Pickles and Timmy Turner coming from the mouths of adult women. But they do, and watching them produce these voices simply blows the mind.

Watch below to figure out the voices of your favorite childhood cartoon characters. Though it may change the way you see characters like Rocco and Doug, it hopefully will also help you appreciate just how talented voices actors really are.