The Best Actors Who Won Oscars for Their First Movie

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Actors and actresses who won an Oscar for their first performance in a film.

Has anyone won an Oscar for their first film role? Winning an Academy Award is a huge lifetime achievement. It's hard enough being cast in a movie, much less being cast in a film with the pedigree and brilliance to win an Oscar. Even then, you still have to be so fantastic in your debut that you blow all the other actors that year out of the water. No pressure.

But even with all the cards stacked against them there are many actors who won Oscars for debut films. Sometimes they are young and go on to have flourishing careers (Anna Paquin, who won when she was 11 years old), sometimes they are in their prime and still go on to have flourishing careers (Julie Andrews was 29 in Mary Poppins). Still other times they come into acting later in life (Haing S. Ngor was 44 when he made his debut) and knock it out of the park.

These are the actors who won Oscars for their first movie - those who delivered such incredible performances from the outset that they couldn't possibly be ignored. Vote up the best actors who won Academy Awards for their film debuts and see who comes out on top among these award-winning stars.
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