50+ Actors You Forgot Were In Comic Book Movies

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Over the years, some of the most celebrated actors in history have shown up on the big screen to star, to support, or even just to make a cameo appearance in blockbuster comic book movies. It's easy to recall actors such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Michael Keaton, but there are several celebrities that probably slid right under your radar when you saw many of these comic book films.

This list is all about the actors and celebrities in large roles or small cameos that you don’t even remember being in comic book movies. From Coolio to Colin Farrell, we’re taking you down memory lane to see which parts these Hollywood celebs played throughout the years. Some were already established A-listers when they snagged the part, and others got their big break from it. Think you know who we’re talking about? Read through the list to find out. The answers may surprise you.