Actors You Never Realized Are The Same Age 

Evan Lambert
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Some actors have been around for so long that they can't not be older. Everyone, for example, would guess Meryl Streep is in her 6 simply for the fact that she's been on screen as an adult since the '70s. It's only surprising when an actor who seemingly entered the public consciousness as an older person (see Larry David) is the same age as someone we'll always remember as young and virile (see Arnold Schwarzenegger.) This list of famous people who are the same age will surprise you with its mismatched pairings. (Mike Meyers & John Stamos?? No way!) Just like celebrities you didn't realize were BFFs, mismatched celebrities who are actually the same age might just shock you. 

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Jared Leto & Martin Freeman: Age 46 In 2017
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Photo: Gregg DeGuire / Getty & Jeff Spicer / Getty

Jared Leto: December 26, 1971

Martin Freeman: September 8, 1971

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Ryan Gosling & Macaulay Culkin: Age 37 In 2017
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Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty & Jason Merritt / Getty

Ryan Gosling: November 12, 1980

Macaulay Culkin: August 26, 1980 

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Catherine Zeta-Jones & Gwen Stefani: Age 48 In 2017
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Photo: Albert L. Ortega / Getty & Chris Polk/KCA2017 / Getty

Catherine Zeta-Jones: September 25, 1969

Gwen Stefani: October 3, 1969

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Jim Parsons & Andrew Lincoln: Age 44 In 2017
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Photo: Dan MacMedan / Getty & Albert L. Ortega / Getty

Jim Parsons: March 24, 1973

Andrew Lincoln: September 14, 1973

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