Which 70+ Actors Should Retire?

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Vote up the actors you think would be better served by a relaxing retirement than by more and more movies.

Washed up? Aged out? Spending all their time making low-budget comedies about poorly behaved grandpas? It might be time for some of these once-great actors to retire.

Nobody should have to retire before they're good and ready, but movie audiences have been seeing actors like Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Meryl Streep at the theaters for decades now.  Be honest: are there some older actors you wish would walk away? Whether they're squandering a hard-earned legacy, making movies that bum you out, or you're just plain sick of seeing them all the time, take a look at the list below and vote up the (hopefully, very few) actors that you wish would step out of the spotlight.

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  • Woody Allen
    22 votes

    Last Movie: Rifkin's Festival (2020)

    We don't really need to give you an extra reason for Woody Allen to retire, but if you really need one, watch literally any movie he's made in the last five years. 

  • William Shatner
    18 votes

    Last Movie: Senior Moment (2021)

    "Oldest man in space" certainly seems like a more impressive title than "star of Senior Moment!" This might be a good time for Shatner to bow out of acting. 

  • Tommy Chong
    13 votes

    Last Movie: Alien Danger With Danger Von Slender (2021)

    We don't really have to explain this. Look at the name of his last movie. Remember who Tommy Chong is. Isn't it time we put our foot down and said "enough is enough?"

  • Billy Crystal
    20 votes

    Last Movie: Here Today (2021)

    You don't have to make another comedy about a crotchety old guy forming an unlikely friendship with a younger person (played by a much hipper, younger comedian). We've seen enough of them.

  • Cloris Leachman
    Dec. at 94 (1926-2021)
    13 votes

    Last Movie: The Croods: A New Age (2020)

    She's a fantastic actress with an impressive comedic resume. But after years of mostly playing characters named "Granny," her acting career seems to be rolling to a halt. 

  • Clint Eastwood
    22 votes

    Last Movie: Cry Macho (2021)

    Though Eastwood has directed and starred in several critically lauded films late in his career, including Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino, his latest, Cry Macho, was enough to suggest to some viewers that, at 91, Clint may have lost his edge.