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The Best Actresses Who Played Lois Lane

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We’re ranking the best Lois Lane actresses of all time. First premiering in Action Comics #1 back in 1938, Lois Lane is one of the most popular female comic book characters of all time.

There have been dozens of Lois Lane actresses over the years, but some were better than others. Noel Neill was the first actress to play Lois Lane on the big screen in the Superman serials in 1948.  Margot Kidder played Lois Lane in Superman (1978) and again in Superman II and Superman III. Kate Bosworth and Amy Adams both took turns playing Lois Lane in Superman Returns (2006) and the recent Justice League films.

In the CW’s long-standing series Smallville, Lois Lane was played by Erica Durance, and in the early '90s she was played by Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Do you have a favorite Lois Lane actress?

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Photo: DC Comics