8 Actresses Who Shaved Their Heads For Movie Roles

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Actresses who shaved their heads specifically for a film role.

We are all guilty of sitting in front of the movie screen and using the phrase "I could have done it better." But when you go behind the scenes and look at the sacrifices actors and actresses have to make in order to truly dedicate themselves to their characters, do we realize the lengths they go to? And boy does it pay off! From Karen Gillan's Guardians of the Galaxy hairstyle shocker, we look at the drastic hairstyle changes that Hollywood's most beautiful actresses have undergone.

However not all sacrifices were worth it! Looking at Demi Moore's Razzie award for worst-actress in G.I. Jane, we can't help but feel sorry for her. But all is not lost, for these fine women expressed feelings of liberation and insight after loosing their hair and wore their bald heads high and proud. So check out this list of all the actresses who have ever shaved their heads, specifically for movie roles.