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13 Actresses Known for Roles Opposite to Who They Are in Real Life

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It's an actresses job to act (duh). It can't be all too surprising some actresses don't necessarily identify with their characters. Many of the most popular cinematic villains and heroines are played by actresses who say they don’t have the time or the energy to be that bad or good in real life. It stands there are so many actresses who are different than their characters. 

Game of Thrones's Lena Headey is one of those actresses who are nothing like their characters. She’s a self-described “clumsy nerd” who has never wine-boarded anyone, nor slept with a relative. Gilmore Girls's Alexis Bledel is another of these actresses known for roles that are nothing like they are. She's even mentioned her belief that Rory Gilmore is too perfect. Maybe that's the reason she nearly showed some nip on Mad Men?

Of the many Hollywood actresses who are different than their characters, which do you think are the most dissimilar? Cast your votes below!