People Reveal Times Psychics Actually Predicted Their Future

To be honest, most people aren't "gifted" in the sense that they have extraordinary powers, so it's difficult to believe some people are born with a psychic "gift" that usually has little return. Because of this, it's actually a rather notable occurrence when your clairvoyant pulls through. Given the rarity of the "gift," it stands to reason that the most unexpected mediums can surprise you with some quality predictions.

If you went to an accurate psychic, what would you want to know? Is it when you'll pass? The winning lottery numbers? If your spouse is cheating on you? Who wins the game of thrones? The people here, all from Reddit, disclose predictions from psychics who truly knew their future. 

  • Predicted That Dad Would Be A Widower

    From Redditor/u/ubergeek:

    My parents went to go see a... fortune teller when we lived in Greece, and the lady told my parents that my dad would be a widower. My mom laughed, and thought it was silly, but she was [slain] six years later (in Canada).

    I'm a complete skeptic, but my dad is absolutely terrified of the idea now. Crazy coincidence.

  • He Would Meet A Very Emotional Woman

    From Redditor/u/Charliebeanz:

    When I was in the Army, I had a friend do a tarot reading for me once because I was bored and figured it would be funny. He told me I would marry my then-BF (I did), but that we wouldn't be together long (we weren't), and that I would have a daughter in a year or two with aforementioned BF (and I did).

    At the time I didn't believe any of that, but was a little freaked out when he told me I would meet a very emotional women within a week, and three days later a girl was transferred to my company who literally bawled all day long and wouldn't stop for anything.

  • Told She Would Have A Lot Of Children

    From Redditor/u/hipstergropaga:

    Not me, but a friend of my mother's did once. The psychic told her that she would have lots of children, and my mom's friend - who had had fertility problems for years - cussed her out and left. A year later they tried in vitro fertilization and not only did one egg stick, but three. Triplets.

    I don't believe, personally, but it's certainly a good story.

  • Psychics Think She's Psychic

    From Redditor/u/MrsShaunaPaul:

    I have had the opportunity to meet three psychics in my life. I should mention I am very skeptical and more into science than spirits.

    Meeting one: went with a friend who was scared to go alone at a local fair in a booth. She said that 'it is obvious you are not hear to learn anything from me - you so strongly have the gift. I could feel your energy before you even came in.' I laughed it off. My friend got her reading and we left. My friend thinks I'm psychic now.

    Meeting two: with same friend in California on a school trip. We are eating at a family restaurant on the patio. A woman comes up and sits next to me. 'Your aura looks cloudy, how do you handle all this energy around you?'

    I respond with 'pardon me?' She proceeds to tell me that she sensed my presence and that she needed to talk to me. She wanted to tell me that I needed to cleanse my aura to release my guilt. She continued to chat with me about how I needed to use this muscle more so I could strengthen my talent while 'picking' bad karma from my aura.

    Meeting three: at a party and am telling the two stories from above when someone tells me her friend is just finishing an internship at a psychic's studio. She comes in and asks me all these questions like 'Do you see people as colors?' and 'Do you feel the weather?' She is now trying to convince me I am psychic. Several people ask me for readings. Luckily I'm in sales and marketing, so I can BS like a pro for those who were insistent. Gave everyone positive readings because I like karma (not link/comment karma, but karma in life...obviously link/comment karma is also awesome).

  • The Page Of Pentacles Appeared

    From Redditor/u/gypsea:

    My mom reads tarot cards, and her readings are always ridiculously accurate. I have picked up a bit of it from years of watching, but am in no way an expert. In any event, here is my best example:

    I should start by saying that in tarot there are four different 'kingdoms.' The king or queen of one of these is used to represent you (determined by individual personality.) I am represented by the queen of pentacles and my husband by the king of pentacles. There is also a page in each kingdom that often will represent a child (relevant.)

    On this particular occasion, I was hoping to find out whether or not I was pregnant. With queen of pentacles on the table, I begin to shuffle the cards (of which there are 78) when a card slips out of my hand and lands on the ground face up - the page of pentacles. I pick it up and continue shuffling (very thoroughly mind you). Flipped the first card onto the table - you guessed it, page of pentacles.

    She's now 16-months-old.

  • A Handy Psychic Physician

    From Redditor/u/elementsoff:

    My mum went to one and all she had to do was tell the psychic lady our birthdays. Anyway, she gave my mum a list of stuff for me that would be good for my throat. I do have a lot of throat problems, which my mum didn't mention, and the stuff the lady recommended was actually really helpful. So that was weird.