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25+ Things You Didn't Know About Archer Creator Adam Reed

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Let’s lay out the Adam Reed facts. He loves gin in the summer, bourbon in the winter. He used to get lit at work while creating shows for Cartoon Network. He doesn’t think Ray Gillette, who he voices on Archer, is on the same level as his fellow voice actors. That whole ISIS thing bummed him out. 

One of the most popular Adam Reed anecdotes is about his creation of Archer which involves a canceled show (Frisky Dingo), a long walk across Spain, a notebook full of ideas, the desire to talk to a beautiful woman, a set of James Bond paperbacks, and how to make a cartoon spy a bastard without making him as rapey as Bond is in the books. 

Thanks to a Reddit AMA, we learned many things about the Adam Reed life story. He’s got a lot of fears: sharks, cancer, brown recluses, locked-in syndrome, to name a few. He’s also got some great advice for new writers. Write until you’re sick of it and then you know you’re doing it enough. 

One of the best Adam Reed stories is how he rolled off a European flight to Atlanta with a massive beard and landed at his sister’s place of work at Turner Broadcasting, reeking of booze. Somehow, he landed a gig which really pissed his sister off because she had to work very hard to get an internship there. 

Who is Adam Reed? Part Ray, part Archer, part Killface, part Dr. Virjay? Maybe none. Maybe all. Let’s take a little trip and gather up some Adam Reed trivia before the KGB gets here. 

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    He Would Cast Jon Benjamin in the Live Action Archer

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    Benjamin and Archer may not resemble each other, but he IS Archer. 

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    Reed Prefers the Literary Reference to the Pop Culture Reference

    Photo: FX

    Although he acknowledges that the pop culture reference may land better. “If you make a Star Wars reference, everybody's familiar with that. It's a common reference that most people can relate to - Bartleby, The Scrivener, probably not so much.”

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    Why the Cold War Never Ended on Archer

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    Reed wasn’t interested in putting the current terrorist threat in the show. He and Matt Thompson went for a decidedly old school set of enemies, the KGB. 

    Reed cheekily explained to A.V. Club, “I get enough of that on the news, so I didn’t want to deal with fundamentalists or any sort of thing like that. I just wanted to keep it as lighthearted as the Cold War was, which obviously it was a fun time for everybody.”

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    Reed Has a Lot of Fears

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    When he was asked what his three top fears were, he broke it down for Reddit this way. “I have to say crocodiles and alligators are right up there. Sharks are a big one. Plane crashes. Having anything amputated. Cancer. Brown recluse spiders. Scary movies. Diabetes. Locked-in Syndrome. Really any syndrome, I guess. Roller coasters. Dying alone. Was that three?” 

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