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Fan Theories About Adam Sandler Movies That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Adam Sandler has the type of memorable filmography that most actors dream of. From writing and performing on Saturday Night Live to creating some of the most iconic '90s comedies and even Oscar-worthy performances, Adam Sandler has given us a lot to love. Some fans even think that most of Sandler's movies are connected via the Sandlerverse. We managed to compile a list of fan theories all about Adam Sandler's filmography and the characters in them. 

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    'Click' Is About Early-Onset Alzheimer's

    From Redditor u/someonesfreakingout:

    Click is a movie about Michael Newman's struggles with early-onset Alzheimer's, as seen through his few brief moments of late-life clarity. The universal remote is Michael's way of interpreting and coping with the confusing effects of the dementia. Sentences in bold come from the Wikipedia page for Alzheimer's disease.

    Pre-Dementia: We first meet Michael shortly before the early symptoms begin to manifest. "The most noticeable deficit is memory loss, which shows up as difficulty in remembering recently learned facts and inability to acquire new information." Michael skips ahead through small events at first, losing track of moments, chores, and conversations. "Apathy can be observed at this stage, and remains persistent...throughout the course of the disease." Michael grows apathetic and distant from his family, and zoning through his work.

    Early Stage: "AD does not affect all memory capacities equally. Older memories of the person's life (episodic memory), facts learned (semantic memory), and implicit memory (the memory of the body on how to do things, such as using a fork to eat) are affected to a lesser degree than new facts or memories." Michael's old memories have not been affected as strongly, and he finds himself "rewinding" to revisit stronger memories. His implicit memory is still intact, allowing him to do his job and float through life on "auto-pilot."

    Moderate Stage: "Long-term memory, which was previously intact, becomes impaired." Michael now begins to lose entire years to memory loss, broken by occasional moments of clarity. "During this phase, memory problems worsen, and the person may fail to recognise close relatives." As his attentiveness and long-term memory fail, Michael regularly fails to recognize his children. "Approximately 30% of people with AD develop illusionary misidentifications and other delusional symptoms." Delusions account for most of the other functions of the remote: pausing, language changing, muting, etc.

    Advanced Stage: " Language is reduced to simple phrases or even single words, eventually leading to complete loss of speech. Despite the loss of verbal language abilities, people can often understand and return emotional signals." As he is dying, his speech breaks down into words, and eventually he can't speak at all. But he still communicates his emotion, through the note in his pocket.

    The ending is not, in fact, a happy ending, but Michael's last happy memory of his life before the disease, as his life ebbs away, surrounded by the family he loves, but barely even knows.

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    The Satanic Fans In 'Little Nicky' Are Actually Jaded Angels

    From Redditor u/LuridRequiem:

    TL;DR: The Satan Worshipers from Little Nicky are actually Jaded Angels who are thoroughly amused by the Devil's dumbest kid, ultimately benefiting from several small windows of opportunity to change their lives for the better.

    Much like the Devil's sons from Hell, there are angels that are capable of appearing as ordinary citizens to everyday humans.

    To the audience, we know them as regulars in Adam Sandler's films, but in the Little Nicky Universe, they're more than they appear on the surface.

    Their first appearance would seem as random park-goers, who are suspiciously attuned to the presence of "evil". Since they come along *right* as Nicky's flask for capturing his escapee brothers is stolen, it would only make sense that Heaven or "whomever is in charge of the 'good guys'" would be on top of this to ensure things go smoothly. Essentially, with the soul-devouring gate of hell on a freeze, a secondary response to keeping tabs on it wouldn't be in direct violation of interfering with the "Good vs. Evil" thing going on on Earth.

    [Read the full theory here]

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    Shooter’s Caddy Was A Happy Fan In 'Happy Gilmore'

    From Redditor u/realdutchmantel:

    No way anyone in their right mind would recommend a five iron there. Down hill lie, ball above the green, less than 15yd of green to work with. He wanted to sabotage Shooter. He was a Happy fan.

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    Julia Was In Love With Robbie Before They Kissed In 'The Wedding Singer'

    From Redditor u/salad_spinner_3000:

    Theres a lot of things that just don't make sense in The Wedding Singer from a 'friendship' perspective. The first one is when he is singing the song he wrote for his ex and singing about how she screwed him over, and Julia almost seemed turned on by it. Slightly open mouth, saying "I really liked it", about listening to her 'friend' have his heart broken. The biggest thing is that she AGREED to kissing Robbie in the first place. What woman would agree to kiss another guy to see "how I'm supposed to kiss my future husband" if she wasn't already into him?

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