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Fan Theories About Adam Sandler Movies That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Adam Sandler has the type of memorable filmography that most actors dream of. From writing and performing on Saturday Night Live to creating some of the most iconic '90s comedies and even Oscar-worthy performances, Adam Sandler has given us a lot to love. Some fans even think that most of Sandler's movies are connected via the Sandlerverse. We managed to compile a list of fan theories all about Adam Sandler's filmography and the characters in them. 

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    Steve Buscemi’s Character In 'Billy Madison' Killed The Son Of Preston Blake In 'Mr. Deeds'

    From Redditor u/Snoke_the_Wise:

    In Billy Madison, the character Billy Madison goes back to high school as an adult and is bullied. Billy feels guilty about being a bully back when he was in high school, so he calls Buscemi’s character to apologize for bullying him. Buscemi’s character crosses Billy’s name off a list titled “People To Kill.” The name right above Billy Madison is Perry Blake.

    In Mr. Deeds, Preston Blake was single and had no known children at the time of his death. I think Perry Blake was the son of Preston Blake. Both Perry Blake and Billy Madison would be the heir to a Fortune 500 company, so it’s possible that they would go to the same high school.

    Billy and Perry bullied Buscemi’s character in high school. Billy apologized and was crossed off the list, but Perry wasn’t. Between the events of Billy Madison and Mr. Deeds, Buscemi’s character managed to track down and kill Perry Blake.

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    'Funny People' Is A Modern Take On 'The Great Gatsby'

    From Redditor u/este_hombre:

    I was thinking about if and it just occurred to me. Is Funny People a modern take on The Great Gatsby? Here we have to wealthy men whose goal is to court a women that used to love them(Adam Sandler/Gatsby). Both men are terribly distraught that their former lover is now married to a cheating jerk. Eventually they rekindle their romance and the husband finds out. Well the husband and wife get back together.The story is even told through the eyes of a friend.(Seth Rogen/Nick) I know, the endings are different, but it still seems similar.

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    'Punch-Drunk Love' Is About Superman

    From Redditor u/RyanDesmond:

    It's always a very small, little detail that seems to ignite all my fan theories. In the case of Punch Drunk Love, it was when Barry (played By Adam Sandler) said he had "Seven Sisters". As a fan of astronomy I know that there is a star cluster called: "Pleiades" that has the nickname: "The Seven Sisters". What's up with that?

    Well, Superman has his origin in outer space. And what's funny is that whenever Barry is around his sisters he "freaks out". He can't control himself and his sisters represent his weakness in the film. Could they be his Kryptonite? His suit certainly tells a Superman story. Blue suit. Red tie. His girlfriend's name is Leena Leonard. "L.L." like Lois Lane and most other girls Supe is interested in. Superman can fly. And what does Barry do in the movie? He exploits a frequent flyer program, gets a million miles of free air-travel and can now FLY anywhere he wants for the rest of his life. Superman has super strength? Does Barry? Yes. Seems like a joke at first when he breaks the handle of an unbreakable plunger. Then he goes on to punch a bathroom door off its hinges. He slams a car door so hard in one scene the camera shakes and he punches a map into a concrete wall so that the edges of the map hang and the map itself is stuck into the punch hole.

    Punch Drunk Love is all about Superman.

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    The Only Way To Win Julian's Card Game In 'Big Daddy' Is To Say "I Win"

    From Redditor u/Robert0023:

    In the film Big Daddy, there are two separate instances where characters are shown playing a card game with Julian and both times, despite common knowledge of how card games are played, Julian wins.

    For decades, people have been asking, "How do you win Julian's card game". Well, the answer had been staring us right into the face: The one and only way to win Julian's card game is to exclaim "I Win".

    Need further proof? Look no further than the first time the game is shown. Even though Julian's opponent has a full house, Julian still wins because he said "I win". And when asked why he wins, Julian simply replies "because I win". But, by far, the most damning piece of evidence is the name of the game itself. In the same scene, Julian is asked what the name of his game is, to which he replies "I Win".

     So there you have it, the only way to win Julian's card game known as "I Win" is to say "I Win".

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