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Which Adam Sandler Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac

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Adam Sandler is a comedy legend whose talents have entertained millions for several decades. The funnyman first rose to recognition on Saturday Night Live in 1990 before he jumped into mainstream movies, making him a household name. And while he's certainly tried his hand at his fair share of dramatic roles, most of his films are silly, weird, and effortlessly entertaining. 

If you're looking for a fun movie, you can count on Adam Sandler. From classics like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison to newer releases like Netflix's Murder Mystery, Sandler has a knack for combining humor with a genuinely engaging storyline. 

But which Adam Sandler character best matches your personality? Read below to discover your inner Sandler character, based on the zodiac calendar.

  • Photo: Happy Gilmore / Universal Pictures

    Appears in: Happy Gilmore 

    In the 1996 movie, Adam Sandler stars as Happy Gilmore, a hockey-player-turned-golfer who isn't exactly a typical golf pro. He's extremely competitive with an aggressive side that he's not afraid of showing. Oddly enough, that sounds exactly like an Aries. 

    Aries is a Fire sign and they are quick to anger. They are also courageous, determined, and want to be first in everything they do. Although they exhibit endless energy when it comes to completing tasks, Aries can also be impatient and short-tempered. Anger an Aries and you might find yourself the target of their frustration.

    As a golfer, Happy is loud, immature, and confrontational as he goads his fellow competitors into arguments. With his impulsive, impatient, and overly confident behavior, there's no doubt that Happy Gilmore is an Aries. 

  • Photo: Billy Madison / Universal Pictures

    Appears in: Billy Madison

    This 1995 movies follows a spoiled young man who lives off his family wealth and enjoys partaking in the finer things in life, including drinking and lounging by the pool. A materialistic young man who can't live without creature comforts? Why, that reminds us of a Taurus

    While Taureans are most known for being responsible and dedicated, they also have a carnal side. They love spending money and flaunting their wealth any chance they get. Like Billy, Taureans can come across as spoiled brats with no sense of responsibility. But get to know them a little better and you'll realize that they have a good heart and a reliable nature. They enjoy material things but are able to buckle down and get things done when others are counting on them. Although it's unlikely they'll ever have to repeat all 12 years of primary school, they certainly could if they put their mind to it.

  • Photo: 50 First Dates / Sony Pictures Releasing

    Appears in: 50 First Dates 

    To put it simply, Geminis are a total flirt. Their two-sided nature means they're always flitting from one subject or mood to another, with little capability of embracing consistency. Although they're fun and affectionate, they have trouble forming that deeper connection, much like Henry Roth in 50 First Dates. 

    Hawaiian and veterinarian Henry is the island playboy. He spends most of his time romancing tourists and in other short-lived romantic encounters. He likes spending time with people, but he has trouble establishing a deep bond with any one person. When he falls for Lucy (Drew Barrymore), a beautiful woman afflicted with severe short-term memory loss, it's actually the perfect situation. Henry makes her fall in love with him over and over again. Since she always believes they're are meeting for the first time, Henry maintains the thrill of the chase while still establishing something a little more meaningful.

    As a flirt, Geminis understand Henry's approach to life. For the Gemini, there's no reason to tie yourself down when you can use your social personality to your advantage. Although they'll definitely find something deeper at some point, they're primarily concerned with just having fun and enjoying life.

  • Photo: The Wedding Singer / New Line Cinema

    Appears in: The Wedding Singer 

    Upon introduction, Robbie Hart faces significant heartbreak when his fiancee leaves him at the altar. Though he once was a happy guy who was content as a wedding singer, the brokenhearted Robbie feels disillusioned and angry after his failed relationship. But even though he's upset about the state of his almost-marriage, Robbie is a romantic guy with a good heart. He has rock and roll dreams, but he really just wants to start a family and settle down with someone he loves. 

    This is a Cancer in a nutshell. The emotional zodiac sign totally understands Robbie's tendency to get caught up in feelings. Cancers are terribly loyal and can become pessimistic when they're injured in a relationship. They have trouble pulling themselves out of a bad mood and will often wallow in their emotions. They are also very family-focused and care deeply about all things family-related. If anyone can understand Robbie's desire to settle down, it's a Cancer.