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TMI Facts About Adam Sandler 's Sex Life

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You've likely never found yourself searching around the Internet for insight into Adam Sandler's sex life. But although he's definitely not a sex symbol by any means, Adam Sandler is certainly outspoken when it comes to the topic of sex. The comedian and actor has always been blunt, crass, crude, and rude when joking about the bedroom. And while his most memorable characters have always been hyperbolically carnal, the real Sandler is much more of a mystery.

Adam Sandler's dating life never really caught the public's attention, and he's had very few public relationships or famous girlfriends. Although happily married now, Sandler doesn't speak sheepishly about his salacious exploits. Instead, just like his standup, he puts them on full blast, ready to share his most ridiculous and inane thoughts on sex and modern love. 

Sandler's comedic timing may be NSFW. (I certainly wouldn't plan on watching Billy Madison on my lunch break without headphones.) But if you've ever had even the most minute curiosity about the actor's sex life, it may be much more tame than you would expect. After rounding up his most explicit and uncensored thoughts about today's sex-crazed world, these are the TMI facts about Adam Sandler's sex life you never knew you wanted to know.
  • His Kids Have Been Cockblocking Him

    During an interview with David Letterman, Sandler opened up about his sex life after having kids. The comedian and actor discussed the difficulties of keeping the romance alive with his wife. Apparently Sandler's kids are attached at his hip, even going so far as to fall asleep with him and his wife every night in their bed. When Sandler suggested having sex with them lying there, his wife was appalled. The two often struggle to find moments to sneak away for a quickie, and Sandler blames his children for his current, lackluster sex life. He said: "I love them more than anything, they snuggle with you and all that stuff, but I am a grown man and I do like to have sex."
  • He Had Sex with an Elmo Doll

    "It's too damn hot for a penguin to just be walking around here." Billy Madison

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    In that same interview with Letterman, Sandler went on to reveal an even more alarming tidbit about sex with his wife. One night after the kids had fallen asleep with them, Sandler and his wife snuck into one of the other rooms to get it on. Apparently Sandler was pretty eager and was sure he was putting down some of his "best moves." However, when he asked his wife what she thought, she responded: "What? Watching you bang Elmo?" Yes, Sandler was indeed giving it his best for a Sesame Street doll...
  • He Wanted to Wife Swap with Tom Cruise

    Sandler is a big fan of Katie Holmes. So when he started filming Jack and Jill with her, Holmes's then-husband Tom Cruise voiced some concerns. Sandler assured Cruise that his affection for Holmes was innocent. So innocent that he proposed a wife swap between the two. He offered Cruise a deal in which, "anything [he did] with [his] wife in the movie, [Cruise] can do with [Sandler's] wife." However, Sandler joked that he hoped everyday a love scene might pop in the script to make that swap a reality.
  • His Sex Jokes Caused People to Walk Off His Set

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    Sandler's sex jokes were once so offensive that many actors on the set of his Netflix original The Ridiculous 6, packed up and left the production. According to sources, the script (which is a comedic western) directly insulted Native Americans using middle school language and sex jokes. A majority of the Native American actors hired for the roles walked off set after reading Sandler's script or watching his scenes play out. Examples of insulting humor included the not-so-clever ideas of rhyming teepee with peepee and mocking Native Americans by naming their characters "Sit-On-Face" and "Beaver Breath."