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TMI Facts About Adam Sandler 's Sex Life

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You've likely never found yourself searching around the Internet for insight into Adam Sandler's sex life. But although he's definitely not a sex symbol by any means, Adam Sandler is certainly outspoken when it comes to the topic of sex. The comedian and actor has always been blunt, crass, crude, and rude when joking about the bedroom. And while his most memorable characters have always been hyperbolically carnal, the real Sandler is much more of a mystery.

Adam Sandler's dating life never really caught the public's attention, and he's had very few public relationships or famous girlfriends. Although happily married now, Sandler doesn't speak sheepishly about his salacious exploits. Instead, just like his standup, he puts them on full blast, ready to share his most ridiculous and inane thoughts on sex and modern love. 

Sandler's comedic timing may be NSFW. (I certainly wouldn't plan on watching Billy Madison on my lunch break without headphones.) But if you've ever had even the most minute curiosity about the actor's sex life, it may be much more tame than you would expect. After rounding up his most explicit and uncensored thoughts about today's sex-crazed world, these are the TMI facts about Adam Sandler's sex life you never knew you wanted to know.
  • His Sex Drive Is Low Since Having Kids

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    All crude jokes aside, Sandler actually has a pretty weak libido. When asked about his sex life, joked about his particularly low sex drive, which he attributes to the birth of his children. He said: "I don't see women as sexual beings anymore. When I see a vagina, seriously all I want to do is powder it. I just don't want them getting rashes. There is nothing arousing about it. When my wife is naked in front of me I think, 'Should I get a diaper?'" Not sure how his wife feels about those comments, but Sandler seems pretty confident in his newfound sexless self.

  • But He Once Played a Sex Addict

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    Drawing from real life experience must have been tough for this role, considering Sandler isn't too into sexual deviancy these days. In Jason Reitman's drama Men, Women and Children, Sandler took on the heavy, dramatic performance of a husband with a porn and sex addiction. The film garnered mixed reviews, but Sandler's role was unique following his long, line of funnyman characters. I guess he was looking for a change of pace.
  • Rose McGowan Called Sandler's Audition Process Sexist


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    Rose McGowan, famous actress and self-proclaimed feminist, called out Sandler for his overtly sexist casting calls. McGowan blasted Sandler on Twitter for his unfair, misogynistic audition requirements. According to McGowan, one of Sandler's more recent screenings called for the women to wear only "black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up bras encouraged). And form fitting leggings or jeans. Nothing white." McGowan criticized Sandler for perpetuating a double standard in Hollywood which rewards men for their merits, but criticizes women for their looks. She wasn't having any of it, to say the least.

  • He Won't Put Out on the First Date

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     While promoting his movie Just Go With It, Sandler was asked for advice on an age-old question: Should you have sex on the first date? His response was a stern "no." Apparently Sandler thinks it's a "terrible idea" and that it's best to "hold it back." He went on to say that daters should, "Block it. Block it and lock it." So there you have it.