Everything Adam Warlock Has Been Through In His Time As Marvel's Cosmic Savior

While Adam Warlock's debut in the MCU has taken some time to materialize, he is arguably one of the most important characters in the whole of Marvel Comics. Forget about Iron Man or Captain America being the funny books MVP since he is the one who wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and laid the smackdown on Thanos. In fact, he might be the hero who has done more for the Marvel Universe than anyone else.

But who is Warlock? And how did this character become so intertwined with the likes of more famous names such as Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy? Scroll on down to find out more about the comic book character who made his debut as “Him.”

  • Adam Warlock Is An Artificial Being That Debuted In 1967 And Was Known Only As ‘Him’

    Despite not having made a true live-action debut until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Adam Warlock is a character that has existed in the Marvel Universe for several decades. In fact, he's even older than popular Marvel heroes like Wolverine and Deadpool by quite some margin.

    Adam Warlock debuted in the pages of 1967's Fantastic Four #66. Introduced only as "Him," Warlock is created by a team of researchers who harbor the desire to build the ideal human being and kickstart the next step of evolution. Unfortunately, Warlock is left aghast by their plans and says “adios” before things get a little too science-fiction clichéd. 

  • The High Evolutionary Gave Him The Soul Stone And Renamed Him ‘Warlock’

    In the MCU, the Soul Stone has spent most of its time situated on Vormir, where Red Skull keeps a close eye on it. However, in the comics, the High Evolutionary is the one who used to keep the Soul Gem in his jewelry box. 

    This changes, though, when the High Evolutionary is responsible for the rebirth of Him. Not only does he give the hero a wicked-cool moniker - Warlock - but he also gives him the Soul Gem and empowers him as the protector of Counter-Earth. This artificial plane is one of the High Evolutionary's creations, and yes, it is precisely what it sounds like.

  • Warlock Was The First Superhero On Counter-Earth And Was Given The Name ‘Adam’ While There

    Counter-Earth is one of High Evolutionary's attempts at making an Earth-like utopia. Unfortunately, things go pear-shaped when Man-Beast (another of High Evolutionary's creations) decides to raise a little hell there. As the protector of Counter-Earth, Warlock swoops in and becomes the champion of justice.

    He also receives the name "Adam" from teenager Ellie Roberts since she feels he should have two names like everyone else. It's a fairly sweet moment and serves as an important touchstone in Warlock's early life.

  • After Leaving Counter-Earth, He Ran Into The Magus And Learned The Villain Is An Future Version Of Himself

    Remember that Evil Kermit meme where he speaks to the dark version of himself? Something similar yet far more troubling happens to Adam Warlock in Marvel Comics. After leaving Counter-Earth, he encounters the leader of the Universal Church of Truth, who is known as the Magus.

    Upon closer inspection, though, the Magus is a future version of Warlock that's fully broken bad. Of course, Warlock is pretty upset over the whole “you're destined to become a megalomaniacal villain” thing. The 2021 Guardians of the Galaxy video game also features a loose adaptation of this story whereby Warlock becomes the evil Magus.

  • Warlock Ended Up Teaming With Thanos, Gamora, And Pip The Troll To Defeat The Magus

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." This old adage holds true for Adam Warlock, too. While he might not be the president of the Thanos fan club, he has to suck it up and team with the Mad Titan, Gamora, and Pip the Troll to take on the Magus.

    It's the last-chance saloon since Warlock had tried to defeat Magus on his own, but his pesky future self was stronger than Brock Lesnar in the hands of Vince McMahon. Fortunately, the makeshift team succeeds in wiping Magus from the timeline and ensuring he shall never exist… until later when he returns to torment Warlock some more, since nobody actually stays dead in comics. 

  • Through Some Genuine Comic Book Nonsense, He Ended Up Residing Inside The Soul Stone For A Time

    Look, comic books are wonderful pieces of artistic expression, but many storylines veer on the whacky side. For example: The time when Adam Warlock gets stuck inside the Soul Gem. Now, why would he even bother to go inside this itsy bitsy tiny gemstone? Good question.

    After finding out about his future and how most of his friends will perish, Warlock decides he needs answers. Instead of finding a powerful mutant with fortune-telling abilities or something else along those lines, he packs his best swimsuit and heads into the Soul Gem to find the answers. Once he's there and finds out what he wants, the Gem tries to keep him as its prisoner. Warlock threatens to end it all and subsequently destroy the Gem, so he's released. He ends up living there for a time anyway down the line. Yeah… comic books are wild.