'Addams Family' Jokes That Went Right Over Your Sweet, Childish Head
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'Addams Family' Jokes That Went Right Over Your Sweet, Childish Head

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The Addams family loves being creepy, kooky, and altogether ooky. The characters also love making suggestive jokes. Innuendos and references fill the film adaptations of The Addams Family, though the allusions tend to fly right over children's heads. Your parents may have caught these jokes, but you were probably too busy idolizing Wednesday to notice.

The first Addams Family film has some grown-up jokes, but it's 1993's Addams Family Values that lets its freak flag fly. Not only do Gomez and Morticia take their references up a notch, but Debbie is a black widow who sleeps with Fester for his money and tries to get rid of him.

How was that okay for a kids' movie?

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    Gomez Implies Fester And Thing Have A Thing

    Addams Family Values is full of raunchy content, but the jokes happen quickly. Early on in the film, for example, Fester (Christopher Lloyd) tells Gomez about his loneliness. He wants a relationship like the one his brother shares with Morticia. Gomez responds by mentioning Thing (Christopher Hart), and Fester shoots back, "I know, but I want more: legs, elbows, a head!" 

    Thing and Fester may have shared more than a purely platonic connection.

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    The Cemetery Statues Watch Morticia And Gomez's Intimate Moments

    In The Addams Family, Morticia and Gomez smooch on a concrete sofa in the middle of the cemetery. When things get intense, the camera pans away to a phallic statue of an archer. Then the film shows a male statue with a fork-head, a woman with a spoon-head, and a muscular stone man with a prominent bulge.

    All of these statues appear to form an audience, staring at the couple being intimate.

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    Fester Thinks His Mom Is Hot

    After Fester returns to the mansion in The Addams Family, Gomez shows him to his old room. When they glance under Fester's bed, they find a pin-up magazine, and their mom holds the centerfold spot.

    The joke is funny enough, but the implications are disturbing.

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    Gomez Doles Out Intimate Kisses

    At the beginning of The Addams Family, the camera pans around the group's gothic mansion, capturing the family's eccentric style perfectly. Everything's spooky, but their cuckoo clock is especially noticeable. Inside of it, miniature replicas of Morticia and Gomez pose in a benign manner. But when the clock strikes, Gomez's figurine plants a smooch right on Morticia's bosom.

    Adults may not even catch this because it happens so quickly. 

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    Morticia Calls Gomez A Howling Demon 

    In Addams Family Values, Morticia tells Gomez, "Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!" These two characters obviously enjoy some twisted quirkiness. And Anjelica Huston's delivery reads as both subtle and pointed.

    She's sensual, but her voice is so delicate it's impossible to tell what the woman may say next.

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    Debbie And Fester Get Close

    In Addams Family Values, Debbie tells Fester that the two can't be intimate unless Fester ignores his family for the rest of his life. He tells her that he loves his family and could never do that, but then Debbie slips her hands out of the frame and calls Fester "stud" before the bald Addams brother falls back into his pillow with a moan. 

    If that weren't enough, the scene fades to black before cutting to Gomez cracking an egg and dropping the yolk into a glass.

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