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Hidden Details In The 'Addams Family’ Movies You May Have Missed

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The Addams Family movies are an Easter egg hunter's dream. Not only do they include references to the comic strips of Charles Addams, but they’re filled with minor details and hidden gems that improve the films with each consecutive watch. These background set pieces, props, and character actions that are kept from the forefront of the frame in the Addams Family movies show a dedication to detail rarely present in blockbusters. 

Where does the family keep their dubious, possibly sadistic devices? Does Pugsley have kleptomania, or is he just deeply disturbed? And where was Uncle Fester prior to the events of The Addams Family? All of these questions are answered in details that were squirreled away in the nooks and crannies of Barry Sonnenfeld’s gothic comic masterpieces. 

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    The Boiling Oil Stained The Front Porch

    The initial Addams Family film opens with a group of carolers singing "Deck the Halls" outside the Addams mansion. Unamused by their holiday cheer, the family pours hot oil on the unsuspecting do-gooders from the roof. 

    Eagle-eyed audience members will first notice the oil slick on the ground when Tully arrives to discuss quarterly finances with Gomez. The slick is once again visible when the family is getting evicted. Does this indicate that the family has a habit of bathing carolers in boiling oil, or were they simply using an especially thick batch on that wintry eve?

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    Fester's Trunk Hints At His Past

    For much of The Addams Family, whether or not Uncle Fester is actually Gordon Craven is unclear; however, his travel trunk seems to tell a straight story. As one Redditor notes, from the trunk's stickers, Fester has evidently visited places known for disaster, destruction, and tragedy. 

    His destinations include Three Mile Island, the Bermuda Triangle, and Jonestown - all places intrinsically tied to the macabre. These stickers are also a clue to the fact that this is actually the real Fester, as he was discovered washed up on the shores outside of the Bermuda Triangle. 

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    Signs Allude To Pugsley's Life Of Crime

    While Gomez plays with his trains during The Addams Family, Morticia reads a story to her children in Pugsley's room, which is decorated with over a dozen stop signs. He apparently has a penchant for causing car wrecks - just like his father enjoys toying with the fate of trains - but those aren't the only signs Pugsley steals. 

    When the family temporarily moves into a motel, the background of one shot reveals that Pugsley has also stolen all of the motel’s safety signs.

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    The Sun Withers The Plants In The Addams' Mansion

    Morticia is infamous for pruning the blossoms - rather than the thorns - from the roses in her greenhouse, but those aren't the only flowers to meet an unfortunate fate in the films. Early on in The Addams Family, Morticia awakes when sunlight streams though her blinds. Not only does the light wake her, it also withers an exotic plant growing on her bedside table. The plant never recovers from its untimely demise, despite Gomez closing the blinds with his sword. 

    The family's possible aversion to sunlight is referenced in Addams Family Values when Gomez mentions the lovely night, prompting Morticia to ask, "Rain?"

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