Charming And Intriguing Behind-The-Scenes Stories From ‘The Addams Family’ TV Show

In fall 1964, ABC debuted a series that introduced viewers to characters that were creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky; but they were also funny, oddly charming, and very likable. That series was The Addams Family, a television show based on Charles Addams's cartoons.

To the "normal" characters who came in contact with the clan, the Addams family might have seemed extremely strange or scary, but the inhabitants of the mansion at 0001 Cemetery Lane saw themselves as a very close, loving family with very normal interests. Well, normal to them.

The television series was not as dark as the comic strip it was based upon, as the show would place emphasis more on the kooky and less on the spooky. Unfortunately, ABC canceled the show after just two seasons, but its legacy is still being felt today, more than 50 years since it was first aired. The show has been seen in syndication off-and-on since the original run ended in 1966, and both seasons can currently be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

It's hard to imagine how the iconic show would have turned out if the series had revolved around the character of the family butler or if Lurch remained a mute like in the original premise. Here is a look at some of the other behind-the-scenes stories from this iconic series.