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All The Reasons Why The Addams Family Is The Most Wholesome Family Around

The Addams Family is often known as the alternative option to the wholesome, all American family. White picket fences are replaced with barbed wire, and pastels with pitch black. But despite their creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky demeanor, the Addams Family is actually kind of ideal. They're way happier, healthier, and more wholesome than most families in film or TV. In fact, they often represent most people's family goals. 

How, and why is this the case? Here are the wholesome moments, details, and tidbits that best demonstrate why the Addams Family is actually picture perfect.

  • This Is Was The Cutest Childhood Crush In History

    There's something very sweet about two outcasts finding each other. Joel (a young boy Wednesday meets in Addams Family Values) is an introverted bookworm, who doesn't seem to belong at Camp Chippewa any more than she does. Their bonding is brief, and impermanent, but adorable nonetheless - it's very likely he was Wednesday's first kiss!

     It also shows, comfortingly, that weirdos are never alone, and will find each other even in the most unlikely of places. 

  • Wednesday Is A Role Model For Fierce Individualism

    Photo: Unknown / PicsMine

    Wednesday is a hero for all the weird little girls who never had any friends. She doesn't have any either - because she neither wants nor needs them. Wednesday is self-sufficient, always finding ways to entertain herself. She doesn't require validation from others, and she's not afraid to stick out like a sore thumb either - qualities just about everyone can aspire to have. All of this is captured in this one moment (and dozens of others like it throughout the franchise).

    More than that, she's smart as a whip. She loves to study the macabre, expresses a natural curiosity as she performs experiments on Pugsley, and is always quick with a comeback. With all of these traits, any parent should be proud to have a daughter as confident as Wednesday.

  • Morticia And Gomez Are Absolute Couple Goals

    Morticia and Gomez's love is what everyone wishes for, while simultaneously not being sure if something so perfect can really exist. Even after countless years of courting, marriage, and child-rearing, they seem just as in love as teenagers - and intend to remain so for countless years more. Their harmonious marriage makes for a happy home, and sets a great example of a healthy relationship for their kids. 

    Moreover they buck the age old stereotype of married couples in media being unhappy, bickering messes. There's no shrewish wife or clueless dolt of a husband - just two people who genuinely enjoy each other's company.

  • They're Also Parenting Goals

    Photo: The Addams Family / Paramount Pictures

    Not only do they strongly support their children, as mentioned before, but they also support each other in all their parenting endeavors. They don't conform to stereotypical domestic roles, where the mother raises the children while the father focuses on work. Instead, they work as a perfect team. They play with the children together, attend their school events together (like the school play pictured here), and hold family discussions together. They're as close to each other in their parental roles as they are in their romantic roles.