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Crazy Facts About Addiction You've Never Heard Before

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You know that saying, "too much of a good thing"? That pretty much goes hand in hand with the fact of addiction, which is what happens when someone ingests or engages in something to the point where they can't stop and it starts interfering with their life.

Physical addiction to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes means a person has literally built up such a tolerance that they need more and more. But it doesn’t have to be a built-up tolerance; it could be more mental and involve social "cues," like hanging out with your jerk friends who always have beers in the fridge and a bong on the table and not being able to stop yourself. Or it may not even involve drinking or doing drugs - shopping, social media, eating behaviors, video games, even social media can lead to addictive behavior. Ultimately, no matter what it is, the fact is addiction is typically born out of stress or some emotional discord.

There is a lot of addiction information we know: It can happen to anyone at any time, it knows no racial or gender boundaries, and recovery is HARD. But what about the strange addiction facts that you may not know? Peruse the drug addiction facts below, in addition to facts relating to other forms of addiction and addictive behavior to further educate yourself.

  • Withdrawing from Alcohol Can Literally Kill You

    You'd think going cold turkey from heroin, meth, or coke would be more likely to kill you than stopping drinking, but you'd be wrong. It isn't that common, but roughly 5% of people who withdraw from alcohol after drinking heavily will actually die due to complications from delirium tremens (occurring 3-10 days after quitting booze). It's usually due to organ failure, pneumonia, or heart attack.
  • Despite What They Say, Pot Can Be Addictive

    Cannabinoids are widely believed to be non-addictive and non-behavior altering, but experts say 9% of people who use pot will become addicted to it and that could go up to 50% for daily users. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, insomnia, cravings, and restlessness. Marijuana is fully legal in four US states and legal for medical use in 23 others. It  is used regularly, even prescribed, for such ailments as insomnia, ADHD, seizures, and is sometimes used in cancer treatment.
  • People Don't Get High Just for the High

    A 2013 Rutgers study published in Psychopharmacology Today challenged the commonly held belief that cocaine users binge on the white stuff because they're chasing some elusive high. The study, done on lab rats, showed that after the initial euphoria leveled off, the rats indicated distress when drug levels started to diminish, suggesting that negative effects of drug use may be as important as positive feelings.
  • Desomorphine Will Literally Eat Your Flesh

    Desomorphine, or "krokodil," is eight to 10 times more potent than morphine and has a more powerful effect than heroin. Since you can't easily get it in its pure form, users (it's popular in Russia, which has more heroin addicts than anywhere in the world) cook up their own, which leaves a lot of toxic crap in the mix. Not surprisingly, injecting this gunk into one's flesh first turns it reptilian and brown then, horrifically, eats it away to the bone till it falls off.

    Don't believe it? Take a look here if you are ready for something gross you can't un-see ever for the rest of your life.