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The Most Addictive iPhone Games That You Can't Put Down

Updated June 1, 2019 4.3k votes 743 voters 13.7k views

List RulesAny iPhone game app that is hard to put down. Vote for the mobile games that are the most addictive.

Addicting iPhone games are distractions that you simply can’t put down. They consume your waking hours (maybe even your dreams). Addictive iPhone games, or addictive mobile games in general, have the advantage of living right inside our pockets. Whether its the Grand Theft Auto series, NBA 2K15, Infinity Blade, or Asphalt 8, you’re guaranteed a good time.  

Most of these games are $5 or under. You’ll find a ton of addictive game apps that you can download to your phone and start playing in a matter of minutes. And when they’re free, it’s even better. What makes these iPhone games addictive? The game play is at the center, followed by a tightly crafted storyline. Mobile games are closer to TV episodes than sprawling cinematic pieces like their game console counterparts. Addictive game apps are the perfect appetizer. These are free addicting games, bargain-priced, that’ll keep you up most of the night. They’re that good.
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