27 Memes That Will Only Make Sense To People With ADHD

There is a subreddit for everything you can imagine. One growing community is r/adhdmeme which collects memes for those with ADHD. It's important to be seen by a meme, to not feel so alone, or just have a laugh.

Photo: u/ovenrove / Reddit

  • 1. We Contain Multitudes

    We Contain Multitudes
    Photo: u/ExpertAccident / Reddit
    731 votes
  • 2. Technically The Truth

    Technically The Truth
    Photo: u/wallflower7522 / Reddit
    530 votes
  • 3. The Unmedicated Hulk

    The Unmedicated Hulk
    Photo: u/desertsunflowerblog / Reddit
    487 votes
  • 4. Outwardly Snacking

    Outwardly Snacking
    Photo: u/RoboticSausage52 / Reddit
    817 votes
  • 5. When Your Brain Works Against You

    When Your Brain Works Against You
    Photo: u/floppicus / Reddit
    564 votes
  • 6. AKA "Busy"

    580 votes